I am Here…

Today is a good day. Yesterday was so so and the days before that weren’t that great.

My Uncle passed about 3 wks ago but before that he was hanging on for life literally because he had gone in for dialysis treatment and had about 3-4 heart attacks and he became brain dead.

It devastated my Aunt, he was her soul mate, partner and best friend for over 40 yrs. When I write this, I still feel the sorrow as if it was yesterday and he wasn’t mine, he was hers.. so I can’t even imagine her pain and wish she never had to experience all that.

She is strong and couping. She has her grandson around her to watch her as he should because my Aunt became his Mom when his Mom needed help. So back to story of why he literally was hanging in for life, he told my Aunt his dying wish was not to keep him on life support. Let him be and so she wrestled with it. Waited for as many family members to come that could and let him go.

I was told later on he passed as I had to go to work and then I was told that no.. he didn’t pass yet. Talk about misinformation..

“He actually lived on a bit”

No, he didn’t pass yet. Infact, God put him on my heart to pray for him. I prayed God would forgive him and give him grace because his faith ruled out forgiveness over his sins since he didn’t believe or understand that God and Jesus are 1. They are family to one another basically. So you can’t say you know God without knowing Jesus. He only believed in God and had a relationship with God and not with Gods son Jesus. He wasn’t yet right as he could be with God.

So he actually lived on 2 more days after they pulled the plug. I prayed for my Uncle both days to make it in God’s grace, to be forgiven and I truly 109% believe he is in paradise, fully forgiven( made right with God )

I can’t believe and God won’t let think he didn’t make it in. He passed on a Friday and died @12:23pm on a Sunday.

God gave him time to be right with him along with his wife and the rest of us praying for his soul a chance to say our goodbyes and be at peace with his passing just as he was entering into the peace of God.

God doesn’t waste our pain, our tears, our efforts or our journey towards the end and we all have one but the things that happen to us, around us and to others are all apart of getting us closer to God and right with him. Never let anything you go through be wasted.

Use all of what you survive into a beautiful work of expressions in the way you treat others.

In how you treat yourself and think of you.

In how you decide to live and in all you create.

After all.. God said we are his jars of clay.. he created us into his beautiful pieces of art in advance. So our purpose is set.. we just have to live day by day and take one step at a time with prayer and have faith that no matter what happens, we are being guided by God to create good works in advance. Thankfully, our Creator God gets us and understands life so he is never surprised or unprepared but ready to help us, guide our steps on a daily basis.

So keep creating. Life will enable you and I to see Gods love and his hand guide our heart, mind and our steps.

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