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Get Going🛬🛫✈️

I chose the serene background of the ocean on a beach with my torn jeans because Life has ups and downs. It can have many mistakes, tears along the way but then there are those days, moments when all the pain makes sense or at least serves a purpose and lands us in the direction we were trying to go all along. Sometimes we will need to make mistakes. Get our heart broken or start over in order to find our way but we all can get there quicker with humility. Asking for help And learning from others who have done the hard work and made the mistakes for us. Thank God for them. Thank God for God giving us people who lay the ground
work for us Like Dean Graziosi

Each person I gained wisdom or a skill from where Already doing what God put inside of me to do. I just did it better or differently . If I want to learn how to save, I go to my Mom or Dave Ramsey

There Is No Goal Or Dream God will put inside of us That Is Not Supposed To Come True!

See Where are you right now in your life” With your goals, dreams ? If you have been too busy like many just paying the bills and the occasional dinner out with family and or friends and then home again and off to sleep then say to yourself.. there Must be more to life than this!

If you want more in life then keep reading.

When someone says they have an idea, it comes from something either that was already done but not complete ( doesn’t fully meet the need of the ideal client ) or it comes from within a place inside of ys if want. Many creations I made come from something I didn’t see made but I wished it was.
So if we can create from within a place of want or need, we can go after our goals the same way.

What are some goals you can think of or already planned out or completing but need a little more motivation with..
Are there setbacks, a loss of a friend or sickness or depression in the way of achieving them?
If so, when will you let yourself be fulfilled , happy? Life is gonna go on whether we are ready or not.
So let’s decide to make our time count at least and create a life we can say ..

We gave ourselves our best shot at life

The ones that leave us for a time are not gonna be happy if we make them our excuse for not creating a life we can be proud of.
The setbacks in life are a real drag but they don’t need to become a ball and chain and we can most certainly break free from the ball and chain effect just by keeping our Why Infront of us.
Everytime a set back comes, Remember your why.
Who inspires you? You’re friend who beat cancers behind!

The neighbor that lost their home in a fire but still finds a way to keep smiling and give back and start a online store and now can move into a new home.

A Mom who was addicted to drugs but now is clean and making a good life for herself or someone who has turned their depression into a comedy stand up and Now laughs at the journey towards their healing and bringing joy to many.

Life therefore Must be a choice we fight for and go after just like that special person we love and care for genuinely. We will do all we can to have that certain person that is within our reach to behold.

We have to care enough about ourselves to fight for ourself and create the life we can be proud of and all it takes is:
Knowing your Why
Being consistent
And having a little more Faith in the One God who gave us the vision for our life and passion within to believe we are meant truly for more than work, occasional dinners with family and friends and sleep.

Life is waiting for you and I

Will you go after it. The choice has and will always be up to you and I, not circumstance because we are more than our life ( what happens to us ) God gave us life and hope for a reason and it is to fulfil a set destiny with a beautiful purpose and to have Life to the full. No Matter What

Go after your life. Have fun creating with God the life he already designed you to have and enjoy. Stop looking at where you don’t want to go ( hitting the same tree you try not to focus on hitting )
Go instead and look ahead at the life you visualize having and make it happen. God is with you and I.
Love and blessings. Keep looking up from where you are right now

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