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Why Makeup

Choices in shades equal different looks and can express our personality

And foundation is the second layer we out in our face, Why I say this.. Before putting on any foundation, we must wash our face and use a pH balanced moisturizer.

Make sure if you want to take away some swelling in the face before foundation, makeup application ( put your moisturizer in the fridge til well chilled then apply on your face with a cool towel.

Some moisturizers make our skin to oily if our face secretes too much oil. So a pH balanced moisturizer will help balance out the oils and this will make our face less prone to acne breakouts.

FOR YOUR SAFETY When using foundations, makeup.

Even with the natural sun-protection factor, it’s a good idea to pair mineral makeup with a separate sunscreen to fully protect your skin if using a mineral foundation.

When it comes to makeup, foundation is usually the first step to a polished look. With the right foundation, you can feel put together and ready to face the world. Foundation covers acne and other blemishes and evens out skin tone. For some people, it helps prevent their skin from getting too oily throughout the day.If you have sensitive skin, many of the ingredients in traditional liquid and cream foundations can cause irritation and breakouts. Fortunately, mineral makeup is a viable option for folks with sensitive skin – and others as well. Mineral makeup is made with natural ingredients rather than chemicals that can irritate the skin and clog the pores.

To ensure that your skin stays healthy and looks flawless with every application, knowing what type of mineral makeup to choose, as well as what ingredients and other features to keep an eye out for, is important.

Some Blbenefits of Mineral foundations..


Mineral makeup comes in loose powder form. That’s because no binders are added to the minerals, which are required for the makeup to be pressed or turned into a liquid or cream foundation.However, you can find some pressed powder mineral makeup that contains limited or natural binders to hold the minerals together.

Some brands also offer liquid foundation that’s infused with minerals. In most cases, these foundations contain binders and other fillers, so the makeup isn’t as natural as other mineral makeup options.


Mineral makeup is suitable for most or all skin types. So this includes oily, dry, and combination skin. People with skin sensitivities (like rosacea) so it can help with less acne break outs and can benefit from mineral makeup.

Here are some of the other benefits it offers.Because mineral makeup contains less filler ingredients than traditional makeup, it’s less likely to clog pores.The zinc in mineral makeup can help soothe acne breakouts.Mineral makeup provides natural sun protection because it includes physical sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.Mineral makeup often provides fuller coverage than traditional foundation, so you don’t need to use a concealer to cover breakouts, age spots, and other discolorations.Mineral makeup is usually long-wearing, so it’s not necessary to reapply it throughout the day.Mineral makeup has a lightweight appearance on the skin, which means it usually doesn’t look cakey or heavy. Mineral makeup gives the skin a subtle glow, creating a more youthful, healthy appearance.Mineral makeup in powder form often has a long shelf life because it doesn’t harbor bacteria the way other traditional powders do.The use of natural ingredients and lack of parabens and other preservatives, fillers, and chemical dyes are all points in favor of mineral makeup. So if you’re looking for a healthy foundation option, mineral makeup is a strong contender. I like it and goes on smooth.

Make sure to throw away your makeup once it looks shady lol as in unclean and clumpy, foundation after it starts clumping or looking a little brittle as well.

“Most mineral makeup is free of parabens, emollient oils, waxes, and fragrance, all of which can be very irritating. ” By the way so another point for mineral foundation.

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Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation, 0.42 oz.

Ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types, this foundation is consciously formulated without talc for a second-skin feel. It conceals discoloration to create an even skin tone and is enriched with Kaolin Clay to help control shine throughout the day. Available in 40 global shades.Brand StoryCover FX was founded on the belief that people can have both clean ingredients and high performance in one brand. We invite you to mix, experiment and play to create your formula for beauty.

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